SOUND TO SLEEP has not been tested ‘scientifically’.  Reports of it’s effectiveness are anecdotal.  I’ve rarely heard that it doesn’t work at all.  The testimonials below are examples of the usual response to using SOUND TO SLEEP.

“I have been using SOUND TO SLEEP to get to sleep regularly now for two years.  I also use it when I paint – it’s a marvellously calming and meditative tool.”

Nicholas Wolfson,

corporate consultant and artist,

Manhattan, New York, USA

“I’ve been very happy with my SOUND TO SLEEP.  Initially I bought it to play for my child at bedtime, but I soon discovered that it helps at work.  I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and am easily distracted; I’ll often play SOUND TO SLEEP in my office, since the soothing music not only doesn’t distract, but actually helps me to focus on the task at hand.”

Chris Clay

web-design & marketing,

Victoria B.C., CANADA

“I’d been under heavy stress for months on end, so much so that I wasn’t sleeping well and was suffering from general body aches and pains.  I was at a friend’s for dinner.  This rather quiet unobtrusive music was playing in the background.  Half an hour later I realized the body aches were gone.  Somehow I associated it with the music, which seemed to have a marvellously calming effect.  That night I slept better than I’d slept for months.

    I subsequently got a copy of SOUND TO SLEEP and play it often now, sometimes to calm down after a stressful day, and sometimes for entertaining – it’s quite conducive to amiable and thoughtful discussion.”

Ric Careless


Sunshine Coast, B.C. CANADA


“I’d been suffering from insomnia for years.  Someone gave me a CD of SOUND TO SLEEP.  That night I slept like a babe.  I used it for several months.  Great sleeps.  It was as if I was re-learning how to sleep.  And I’ve been sleeping ‘like-a-babe’ for two years now, no recurrence of insomnia.”

Joanne Chorney

Art Director, Hollywood, California USA

“I often use SOUND TO SLEEP in the shop when I’m working.  I’ve noticed that once I’ve played it through I feel surprisingly calm … and have no desire to listen to anything else; I don’t want to alter the mood.  A work session for me often starts with SOUND TO SLEEP, and the silence that follows requires no filler.  Like good woodwork.”

Edmund Butler


Twin Oaks, Maundown


Somerset, UK

“All my life I've suffered from ADHD.  I'd tried numerous techniques to neutralize the symptoms and then finally given up and was just 'handling it' by force of will.  I first heard SOUND TO SLEEP being played quietly in the background while I was having a conversation with someone.  In less than ten minutes I was completely calm, and completely 'focused'.  It was an unexpected experience.  I had to stop and think, what was causing this?  I realized it was the music – SOUND TO SLEEP."

Marcia Court

hospital administrator

San Francisco, USA

“We have always found SOUND TO SLEEP soothes our spirits and opens our hearts. We especially like it as background music for quiet dinners with friends, as we find it supports caring conversations.”

Dona Reel


Grantham’s Landing, B.C., CANADA

“I was awakened by a distressing phone call at 3:00 a.m. one morning.  Wide awake, I could not even imagine getting back to sleep.  Someone had loaned me a copy of SOUND TO SLEEP.  I had never tried it.  So I put it on and got back in bed and attempted to meditate.  Within a few minutes I found myself in a particularly deep state of meditation – normally arrived at only after several hours of well-focused effort.  And just as suddenly I was in a deep calm sleep that lasted till morning.”

Nancy Campbell

Victoria, B.C., CANADA

“The sleep CD is very neat.  I listened to it when I was doing my books and the effect was tangible.  I experienced an immediate calming.  The music was soothing and pleasurable.  It also kept bringing me back to my awareness.”

Dr. Sheila O’Byrne

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

"I had SOUND TO SLEEP playing softly in my inner office when a particularly anxious and hyperactive 10 year old client arrived for his session.  Normally I would never have left him alone in my office as he has overwhelming curiosity, little impulse control, and would be into everything; but I was unexpectedly required to talk with his Mom for about ten minutes in the outer office.  During my first check-in, I peered in on him with trepidation and with my face ‘appropriately composed’ to not show my expected dismay.  Much to my surprise and pleasure - some might say shock - he was sitting quietly in the corner making a sculpture and said to me, ‘It's O.K. you can keep talking.’  And he remained that way for the entire time, very calm, and focused.  This was definitely not his usual mode.  I began using SOUND TO SLEEP with a lot of my young clients and often observed this response to the music.

Lynn Mackay Bsc. SCCD

Children’s Counselor,

Gibsons, B.C., CANADA