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SOUND TO SLEEP is currently available as a digital download from CD Baby.

CD Baby gives you three choices of quality to download.  Any of the three can be played on your computer or with your favourite music player.  You can also burn SOUND TO SLEEP to a standard CD from your computer, which will play on any CD player.

SOUND TO SLEEP can also be found at these outlets below, if you have a preference.  The best way to do a search on the sites is with the artist's name, Ben Ged Low.  Some search engines rate a title based on proprietary protocols (such as longevity on the site for example), and SOUND TO SLEEP may not come up easily at the top of the search.  But the 'artist's name' does.  NOTE: Some of the outlets are set up only for general music subscriptions, the best place to get just SOUND TO SLEEP is CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.



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